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IT & Digital solutions

Specialist in video surveillance systems, cabling and network solutions, WiFi, access control, videophony & door intercom, audio-video integration and website development
for homes, businesses and industrial buildings.

Premium quality services

Free and without obligation

250+ B2B and private customers put their trust in us.

Our all-in services

We intervene on your sites in collaboration with the project owner and architects, or as a service provider to integrate all the solutions necessary for the smooth running of your business. We are also the point of contact for all ISP, IT, POS and other services providers, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Gamme Hikvision

Surveillance cameras

Increase control over what’s important to you, protect your assets and gain peace of mind.

For companies, this means fewer thefts and higher productivity. Deductible up to 120%* and subsidizable up to €10,000 excl. tax*.

Our solutions are fixed or mobile and can be 4G.

Gamme Unifi

Network and WiFi

Bad network or no WiFi signal? It’s impossible to work or telework in these conditions.

Need to equip your premises? We install small to large networks with scalability.

Take advantage of all our solutions, from cabling and commissioning to support and troubleshooting.

Websites and Ecommerce

Whether you want to develop your online business and visibility, or refresh your site, we can help you with all your projects. We design and maintain your customized projects.

Subsidies are available* for companies and the self-employed.

Gamme Sfera

Parlophony & Videophony

Open remotely, receive parcels without worry and secure your home or condominium.

For new build or renovation projects, we offer a wide range of door entry and video intercom solutions.

Access control

Remotely open and manage access to your offices and short-term rental properties.

These stable, modular systems ensure that your accesses are properly filtered to protect your property.

We work with strong partners.

We guarantee impeccable service and unfailing reliability.

We've already helped 250+ customers.

At your service for all your projects.

Whether your project concerns your home, a business, a condominium, new build or renovation, we first work with you to find the best solutions.

Benefit from our free advice

Find out how we can improve your daily life.

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Makes things happen.

For private customers : tailored solutions for greater comfort and peace of mind.

For companies : we offer modern solutions to maximize your productivity & increase your revenues.

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